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Staying at a cozy, Alpine cabin in Maine, I decided to go fishing one day…

It was a lot of fun! Through patience and determination, my sister and I earned our dinner. You can read about our Fishing Trip at Rangeley Lake here!

Got some fish? Let’s get cookin’. I’ve got a simple recipe for you. 

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FACT: Real Girls Like to Cook The Fish They Catch...

Cooking the Fish We Caught 

My Salmon was 16″

My sister’s fish was 19″. She beat me!

Then, we came home and made ourselves a delicious Lake to Table dinner.

There are so many ways to cook salmon… grilled, baked, pan fried, pan seared… (which is my personal favorite). I love my salmon nice and crispy but my sister really loves hers steamed. She’s on a bit of a health kick.. So we did it her way.

Do Simple Recipes Exist?

Honestly, I looked at a few recipes but the ones I found went into way too much detail and it gave me a headache, lol.

Not gonna lie, I’m not the star of my kitchen unless I’m baking. I find cooking to be fun when I’m playing hostess with a cute charcuterie & cheese board (which is my specialty) or if I’m whipping up some delicious, highly caloric smorgasbord over the Holidays with my mom and sister.

Other than that, cooking is in many ways exhausting for me. Most recipes I find have at least 10 steps and easily over 10 ingredients. What real girl has time for that!? And I’m a 10 Ingredients or less kinda girl.. 😉  

But, I worked hard for that fish! Had to wake up at 3 AM to catch it for crying out loud! And I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna cook it myself too.  

So, here is my own simplified version of Salmon instead… for the real girl.. and boy. 😉

“Rule a Kingdom as though you were cooking a small fish – don’t overdo it.”



My Easy Salmon Recipe


Don’t freeze salmon after you catch them or they’ll take on a different taste. Instead, put them in fridge for up to a few days.


  1. Preheat oven to 375 F (190 C)
  2. Stare at your fish right in the face.
    Just kidding.. just kidding.. LOL
  3. Pat salmon until completely dry
  4. Using olive oil (or oil of your choice), oil it up and add salt & pepper to taste on both the inside and outside of fish.
  5. Stuff fish with fresh rosemary, lemon slices and a bit of chopped garlic to taste
  6. Wrap the fish in foil, kinda making a foil tent or envelope and put it in the oven.
  7. Check after 20 minutes and continue cooking to your desired temperature..
  8. Optional: Break out a bottle of chilled white wine.

And there you have it. Winner, Winner, Salmon Dinner. Hope you enjoy! Bon appetit!

How Did it Taste?

I thought the flavor of the fish was delicious and because I simplified the steps, it was very easy to cook which made it fun! I enjoyed my salmon with a nice glass of white wine, but that’s up to you!

However, cooking the salmon in foil steamed it a little too much for my preference. Next time I’ll go back to my way of cooking salmon and pan sear it for that crispy skin! Oh yeah babe.

Where are all my crispy salmon lovers out there?! I see you.. 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed making my Winner, Winner, Salmon Dinner recipe!

What did you think of it? Is there anything you would do differently next time? I would love to know. Comment below! 😊

Always keep it real…

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