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The most fun I’ve had doing activities is when I was fully equipped and prepared. Nothing worse than being on an excursion and realizing you forgot an essential item. This is why I created a fishing trip packing list.

For me, that item was the mosquito netted hat I usually bring on nature outings. There were a lot of flies at Rangeley Lake the day I went fishing.  

What to bring fishing? I have you covered below. I rated the items based on their importance to me and the quality of the brand (if listed).

[Please note: this post was originally published in July 2020 and updated March 2021]

“Fishing is simply a great excuse to find yourself someplace beautiful with something fun to do…”

Leland Rod Co.
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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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What to Bring Fishing: My Fishing Trip Packing List


It gets pretty chilly on the water, sometimes it even rains! I always pack some type of windbreaker. I like the ones from LL Bean. Their clothes are of great quality & backed by a lifetime warranty. Mine has lasted years.

Picnic Backpack

If you’re like me, adventures make you hungry! I love taking my Brookstone backpack for nature picnics!

It comes with an outside wine compartment, silverware, 2 wine glasses (plastic), salt & pepper shakers, cloth napkins, plates, even a cutting board for charcuterie!

Fit for a foodie like me! And super cute!

Picnic Blanket

Don’t forget the picnic blanket.

I like to sit in my chair & get cozy while I’m fishing. Sometimes it gets very chilly with the breeze blowing your way.

Hot Cocoa in a Stanley Vacuum Bottle

I love this insulated travel bottle by Stanley because it’s such good quality. Great for hiking, fishing, & camping. My mom has kept them in our family for generations. Her dad was a coal miner in California & used to fill his w/ coffee every morning before work.

The insulated double stainless steel walls keep fluids at their temperature all day making it great for long outdoor excursions! I fill mine w/ hot cocoa or soup on my fishing trips!

Aqua Shoes

I’ve had the same pair of Speedo Aqua Shoes for years.

They protect your feet against unseen elements in the water (rocks, shells, etc.). My feet have never been cut since wearing them.

They’re also waterproof & have a rubber sole which helps you grip slippery rocks and in this case, slippery boats. I don’t leave for a water activity without them.


You never know what you might need to see far away! Definitely add a pair of binoculars to your list.

Sports Sunglasses

For me, an absolute necessity. I have light sensitivity w/ my Lupus. I try not to forget my sports sunglasses when I’m doing water sports or fast-paced activities. I love that they’re polarized, have UV protection & a strap so they don’t fall off my head.

Mosquito Net Hat

I feel bad for the sucker that forgets to bring their net hat. I never go fishing or hiking w/o it. I feel invincible when I wear it! Bugs can’t get me. It makes me feel more comfortable when doing outdoor activities

Bug Spray

The mosquitos love me but won’t touch my sister, so not fair. I’ve tried a lot of insect repellents over the years & 3M is my favorite brand so far.

Has up to 8 hr protection & is sweat & water resistant. I like how it goes on direct contact rather than spraying everywhere like aerosols tend to do. And the pressure is really strong, you only need to spray a little.

I wouldn’t dare do any nature activity without bug spray.


Recently got the latest GoPro model. When I go fishing, I like to stick it underwater as we’re reeling the fish in!

I struggle w/ some of its issues- poor battery life, the device gets super hot, & water droplets on the lens (a few drops of RainX usually does the trick), glitches (my GoPro keeps turning on & off). Might have to use my GoPro Plus membership for a replacement, at least it’s included.

All the advantages still outweigh the negatives for me. I like how it’s waterproof, accessories make it hands-free, photo & video quality is excellent, you can auto-sync, edit, make movies & download straight to your phone or computer via the GoPro app. I use GoPro for all my nature adventures!

3 Way GoPro Accessory

Since I got my new GoPro, I’ve already used it fishing, swimming, hiking, paddle boarding.

I got my 3 Way Accessory off the GoPro website because w/ my Plus membership, accessories are up to 50% off which was cheaper than everywhere else.

With the accessories’ long neck, I could put it underwater so I could capture footage of the fishes we were reeling in.

We also took some selfies with it & liked that we could bend the neck so that the annoying handle didn’t appear in every photo like they usually do.

Hand Sanitizer

Nothings worse than smelly fishy fingers! Any hand sanitzer brand will do. I usually use Purell.

illustration of geeves flying a kite

I hope my handy little Fishing Trip Packing List comes in handy for you on your next fishing trip!

To get inspiration, read about my adventures fishing at Rangeley Lake in Maine! 

If you could catch any fish, what would it be? And would you bring it home for dinner? I’d love to know. Comment below!

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