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About Me

Disclosure: Just so ya know, there may be affiliate links in this blog. If you make a purchase after clicking one, I’ll get a commission which will probably only be enough to buy me hot cocoa in reality.. but still… it’s a hot cocoa I don’t have to pay for... but technically, neither do you... Hey hey 😉 Read my full disclosure here .

Welcome to my site! My friends call me Geeves. Nice to e-meet you!

Just because this is “Real Girl Review”, doesn’t mean you have to be a female to enjoy my blog. I welcome everyone from anywhere and everywhere. 

Here at Real Girl Review, you’ll find me sharing stories about my life and things I’ve experienced… the good, the bad, & the ugly. 😉 Everything from amazing services, horrible hotel stays, and underwhelming products to great travel adventures. 

Basically reviews, travel, and stories with a twist!

I’ll also cover my love of basic things like Fall in New England, foodie finds, health & fitness, spas, destinations, and even intimate stories among my reviews. There’s something for every mood you’re in!

My Story

Just like anyone, I have my ups and downs..

Up until a few years ago, my life was pretty much one lived in isolation. I have this annoying thing called Lupus, which is an “invisible illness” that I deal with. It wasn’t under control until I hit my early 20’s.

Unfortunately, as a result, I had to forgo many normal everyday things as I spent the first 4 years after being diagnosed in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices.

It kicks me in the butt sometimes, not gonna lie.. but I never let it win. Ultimately, my love for life takes over and when it does, it’s larger than life itself..

My mom used to say that if any of my 4 siblings had to get it, she was glad that it was me because I have the most optimistic attitude of anyone she’s ever known. It’s what’s gotten me through…  

I believe my Lupus makes me stronger and I live with it knowing that most days, I’ll be able to live how I want. Maybe, that’s how I’m able to take so much enjoyment from things. I just enter this mindset where I love life and everything in it. I have such a big appreciation and feel grateful that I get to live it every day.

Lupus Walk, Boston

After figuring out the medical stuff and how to deal with it, I decided to grab life by the proverbial reins and ride it for all that I could. First step…TRAVEL.

For the past three years, I have been fortunate enough to travel approximately 190 days a year on average, exploring the USA, covering all states except for the Dakotas. (they’re on my list) 😊

I’ve also spent time abroad in Canada, England, Netherlands, Germany and the Caribbean. My schedule does not seem to be slowing down. I still have so many places to discover and explore! 

Being a foodie and a lover of all things travel related, my experiences have been exciting. The more I would share adventures online, the more people would ask me questions and I thought.. why not share my stories with even more people? And then came the start of Real Girl Review!

The “Real Girl” in Real Girl Review

I’m proud to be a real girl. If someone can relate to me and it helps them feel better about themselves, then that’s amazing. I’m all for empowering other people.

Sometimes we forget that nobody is perfect. It’s important to remember that everyone has their ups and downs. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Last time I checked, living your best life didn’t have to mean looking or living like an Instagram model.

Even many of them would be willing to admit that they’re not perfect, even if it looks like it. I believe it takes guts to embrace and honor being true to ones self. Authenticity is a quality I have so much respect and admiration for. It’s something I’ve held myself to pretty much every day for most of my life. And that’s why I created Real Girl Review.

Perfection only exists on the feeds. 😉 Don’t make it the standard you live by. If we only lived like our Instagram feeds depended on it, it would be pretty depressing existence.

“The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly”

I started Real Girl Review to embrace the heck out of real stories. Real girls (and guys for that matter) have stuff happen to them…

Sometimes it’s a great accident that leads to even more fun or sometimes, it’s a horrible accident that ruined plans but, at the very least, leads to one heck of a story… Those are the kinda stories I’m here to tell!

I’ve learned that it’s ok when things don’t go as planned and to embrace last minute adventures… Those are the trips I end up having the most fun anyway… So, don’t freak out if things aren’t always coming together perfectly.

Through this Real Girl Review journey, I hope to remind you to never let the bad things win.. and to inspire you to live your life the way you were always meant to.

I know adulting is tough sometimes but every second of every day doesn’t have to be. Life is too short to not be celebrated for as many experiences as possible, no matter how big or small… I’ll be here if you forget that.

The “Review” in Real Girl Review

The other part of Real Girl Review is of course, the “Review”. One thing I’ve realized is that, when it comes to products and services, I’m quite opinionated and am either praising or critiquing an experience in my mind. You’d think I was a critic in another life. 😊

But, everything I write about is 100% real, not fictional. What actually happens is often more interesting than anything I could ever come up with.

What Can I Expect of a Typical RGR Post?

Well, every blog pretty much goes like this…

  • Stories of my adventures

I start off my posts sharing real stories about my adventures but as they really happened, no fluff.. That’s where it gets entertaining..

  • Reviews of my experiences (products/services/hotel stays/etc.)

After I tell my stories, I share my review of each  experiences so you know what you should hit and what you should miss! And I review it all… the good, the bad, & the ugly.

  • My Google Maps Travel Itineraries

I also include Google Maps itineraries so you can go on the same trip I did! Takes all the guesswork out of having to plan. You can share, download, and print the Itinerary by clicking on the link and signing in to your Google account.

Review Disclosure

My stories and reviews are all from my perspective and 100% real. Some good, some bad, some ugly. All opinions are my own. Any endorsements, gifts, discounts, or paid collaborations will be mentioned in the beginning of the article. If not mentioned, you can assume this girl pays for everything herself.

That way, you can be assured that my reviews are unbiased. Always expect to get “the real deal” with me. It is Real Girl Review after all… 😉

How I Review

With a diverse background, I have experience in products and services from the provider’s standpoint as well as the customer interaction, which I value so much. I truly believe that if you’re choosing to give a business your hard-earned money, you should get what you pay for.

Every now and then, there will be human error and that’s okay. In my opinion, it’s the way a business deals with a situation that makes the difference between a horrible customer experience and an incredible one. You’ll know my final opinion based on the stars I give.

My Reviews are rated as follows...

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

catastrophic, business didn't try to rectify issue, will never return


some attempt to rectify issue, still horrible

It was OK.. have experienced better




Real Girl Review strongly values truth and strives for accuracy. If you read something that doesn’t sound right, feel free to contact me and I will investigate the facts and make changes as I deem necessary. Posts are updated regularly.

Well that about sums up Real Girl Review! I hope you enjoy my stories and reviews and get inspiration for your own adventures! I can’t wait to share this journey with you. 😊

Always keep it real!